3C16071 Superstack II Advanced Redundant Power System


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Product Description

The SuperStack II Advanced Redundant Power System (ARPS) provides crucial protection against power system failures within 3Com’s SuperStack devices. The SuperStack II ARPS consists of an 8-slot chassis that accepts SuperStack II Type 1 and Type 2A hot-swappable power modules, purchased separately. Each power supply module in the ARPS will support one SuperStack II device. Different types of modules provide power specifically matched to particular SuperStack II unit. Each has a different connector, so it’s easy to determine the appropriate ARPS module for your hub, switch or firewall unit.

An optional slide-in management module can also be added to the ARPS chassis to provide SNMP system monitoring for all power systems within a stack. Using a Y-cable, you can configure (2) ARPS systems as a completely redundant system, providing resilient power to a single hub, switch or firewall in your stack, so that if one module fails, a second takes over without disrupting other units. Power systems can be configured for standard hot-swappable redundancy, managed automatic (fail-over) redundancy or full redundancy with no downtime.

Product Features

  • 8 slot chassis to support up to 8 power supplies
  • Holds 60-Watt or 100-Watt power supplies
  • Dual AC input for redundancy
  • 19-inch rack or stand-alone mounting

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