6318-74 LanCast Media Translator 100Base-FX 100Base-TX


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The “twister” 6318 Series TX-to-FX Translators from LanCast provide seamless high-speed integration of 100BASE-TX twisted-pair and 100BASE-FX fiber optic segments in Fast Ethernet environments. This “twister” series supports remote fiber optic links up to 2km over multimode and up to 40km over singlemode fiber optic cable. To optimize your Ethernet network, this innovative translator series automatically adjusts to full or half-duplex operation. Full signal restoration and data re-timing – with a low bit delay – ensures accurate data transmission to and from LANs within an organization. All signal activity is completely translated ensuring accurate communication and collision detection in connected segments and allowing optimal media length to be achieved on either side of the device. All “twister” 6318 Series Media Translators also feature Link Loss Carry Forward (LLCF) functionality to provide an easy means for troubleshooting a remote network connection.

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