9C214-1AC Power Supply for 14 Slot MMAC Plus Chassis 9C114


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Cabletron Systems 9C214-1 is an AC power supply module for the SmartSwitch 9000 (or MMAC-Plus) 9C114 chassis. The MMAC-Plus supports two directly attached AC power supply modules providing for power redundancy and maximum system uptime. In addition, the modules share the power requirements which increases the life of each power supply. These universal power supply modules can run off input voltages from 100 to 250 VAC at either 50 or 60 hertz. Each 9C214-1 delivers 1000 watts of power to the MMAC-Plus and can be powered from a typical 120 volt 15Amp circuit. Through an on-board processor, power output and temperature information are made available to local and remote management. LANVIEW LED’s provide at-a-glance diagnostics. The 9C214-1 modules are also hot-swappable for easy replacement without system downtime.

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