9C214-2 DC Power Supply for 14 Slot MMAC Plus Chassis 9C114


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Cabletron System’s 9C214-2 is a DC power supply module used in the SmartSwitch 9000 (MMAC-Plus) chassis (9C114). The 9C114 will support two directly attached 9C214-2 DC power supply modules. The 9C214-2 DC power supply modules run off DC inputs between -36 and -72V input, including -48 volt batteries such as those found in a Telco central office. Each module provides 1000 watts of power to the 9C114. Through an on-board processor, power output and temperature information are made available to local and remote management. With two or more 9C214-2 DC power modules added to the hub, the system is power redundant, ensuring maximum uptime. The 9C214-2 modules also share the power requirements which increases the life of each power supply. LANVIEW LEDs provide at-a-glance diagnostics. In addition, the 9C214-2 modules are hot swappable for easy replacement without any system downtime.

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