DEHUA-NBR DEChub ONE no power cord RoHS


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The DEChub ONE is an Ethernet single-slot hub that provides standalone capability for MultiSwitch 900 full-height modules.  The DEChub ONE provides 90 watts dc to power the attached module. An attachment unit interface (AUI) on the DEChub ONE can be used to connect the attached module to a standard Ethernet backbone. An optional medium attachment unit (MAU) can be connected to the DEChub ONE’s AUI port to adapt the module to a fiber-optic, ThinWire, or twisted-pair LAN connection.

The DEChub ONE provides an out-of-band management (OBM) port with an associated LED for remote network management support. A setup port on the DEChub ONE enables you to configure the attached network module using a terminal device, personal computer, or terminal server.

The DEChub ONE supports tabletop and rack mounting. By stacking DEChub ONE single-slot hubs in19-inch racks, users can buy the MultiSwitch 900 modules to support their current needs in a small LAN and use the same products to upgrade to enterprise-wide networks as their LAN use grows. RoHS compliant.

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