DEHUB-BA DEChub 90 US Version


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The DEChub 90 chassis is a flexible, multi-function Ethernet hub, providing a total network solution with the ability to concentrate up to eight DEChub 90 repeaters, access servers, bridges, routers and LAN traffic monitoring and management products — with plug-and-play ease. And best of all, you can use these DEChub 90 modules as standalone single-slot hubs, or move them forward to a DEChub 900 MultiSwitch. The DEChub 90 offers true hot-swap capabilities.

DEHUB-BA DEChub 90 Highlights
  • Stackable Ethernet hub supports multifunction networking modules and media types.
  • Supports true hot-swap of modules with no network interrupts.
  • Mix and match modules for flexible network configurations
  • Flexible to suit wallmount, rackmount, or desktop installations.
  • Manageable from a low-cost PC through graphical SNMP-based HUBwatch software

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