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FORE Systems (Marconi) HPA-200E/UTP5 is an ATM Card with 155 Mbps and RJ45 connectors. The HPA-200 is a high performance adapter designed for use in an Apollo 9000, Series 700 workstation or server. The HPA-200 adapter provides AT connectivity for the host systems, and is able to support evolving signalling and AAL standards. The adapter features FORE Systems’ Advanced Cell Processing architecture, providing maximum network performance to all running applications. In addition, the HPA-200 provides transparent suppor for TCP/IP, Switch Virtual Circuits (SVCs) through the SPANS and UNI 3.0 signalling protocols, Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVCs), Classical IP, LAN emulation, an ATM Applications Programmer Interface (API), and an SNMP agent for network management.

The HPA-200 supports high-quality image, full-motion video, CD-quality audio, and high speed data communications over a single ATM network connection. Each physical connection in an ATM LAN is a point-to-point link between switches and/or hosts.

Hardware Overview

The HPA-200 features FORE’s Advanced Cell Processing Architecture which utilizes a dedicated embedded Intel i960 RISC processor along with special-purpose AAL5 and 3/4 Segmentation and Reassembly (SAR) hardware and scatter-gather DMA. The HPA-200 is an EISA Bus DVMA (Direct Virtual Memory Access) bursts up to 64 bytes. With the HPA-200, users can add ATM networking capabilities to their applications, leaving the low-level ATM cell processing, segmentation and reassembly, and signalling to the HPA-200 hardware and device driver.

Software Requirements

  • HP-UX version 9.xx.

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