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A high-performance operating software that runs on Digital Networks’ DECserver products, DNAS V3.6 allows you to manage and monitor any of your local and remote, in-band, and out-of-band serial devices. Every new DECserver comes with the latest version of DNAS and an installation kit that includes the CD, license and softcopy documentation.

If you already own a DECserver with an earlier version of DNAS, you may be missing out on some of the latest feature enhancements that could make all the difference in your serial applications:

  • DNAS V3.6 allows you to SAVE and RESTORE server characteristics to and from a PCMCIA Flash
  • Enhanced security feature provides you with the ability to assign a unique password to a port to be used during a local or remote access.
  • No longer does DNAS force TCP Port 23 to be assigned to a Listener with a unique, assigned IP Address

Event Notification
Now you can respond immediately to network events using your DECserver.
Using DNAS, you get to define what type of network events you want to be notified of and how (any SMTP devices).
You control who gets notified, allowing you to designate contacts for different network events.

Out-of-Band Management Support
DNAS provides the ability to access, reboot and configure hosts and devices remotely by dialing-in, even if the network is unreachable.

Easy Setup Through:
Command line interface, CLI
Access Server Manager, ASM
Windows-based graphic user interface for remote configuration and management of the DECserver.