MNENG3 DECserver 90M Software 2MB


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This image is uncompressed and runs on DECserver 90M’s configured with 2MB of flash

Early Generation DECserver Users:
DECserver represents over 30 years of technological innovation and attentiveness to customer feedback. Your pre-2000 (and for some, pre-1990!) early generation DECserver was ground breaking for its era, but that earlier architecture may be holding you back in today’s fast-paced work environment. Additionally, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to obtain these older models, making future service challenging.

Consider upgrading your DECserver to the latest model.

The new generation DECserver features:

  • Configuration Wizard
  • Enable quick and easy configuration of your DECservers’ IP Interface and user-defined features via CLI-based wizard.
  • Save and Restore
  • SAVE and RESTORE server configuration to and from a PCMCIA Flash Card.
  • Event Notification
  • Now you can respond immediately to network events using your DECserver. Using DNAS, you get to define what type of network events you want to be notified of and how (email, smartphone, cell phone, pager, PDA – any SMTP devices). Plus, you control who gets notified, allowing you to designate contacts for different network events.