MR9T-E 9 Port Ethernet Repeater


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The MR9T series of compact, standalone twisted pair repeaters allows any 10Base-T compliant device to be connected, including workstations, bridges, repeaters, etc. The MR9T-E provides full IEEE 802.3 repeater functions, including retiming and regeneration of data packets, auto partitioning, reconnect and fragment extensions. These capabilities ensuresreliable data transmissions and protect the networks overall integrity by partitioning any problem link to prevent malfunctioning segments from disrupting network transmissions. Other features include polarity detection and correction capabilities, and LANVIEW diagnostic LEDs for each port. The MR9T-E provides eight ports for UTP or STP connections and one user-configurable Ethernet Port Interface Module (EPIM). With several EPIM’s to choose from you are offered a wide variety of media options for designing the network.

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